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The first edition of The God Proof is now available on Amazon Kindle. (It replaces Mere Theism which is now being written as a separate book. First the general introduction and proofs, then the examination of natural theology in Mere Theism).

Here is the link to the kindle ebook

The book description reads:

The first intention of this short book, after a hopefully reassuring personal introduction and disclaimer, is to give a concise account of the most compelling reasons to believe in the reality of God, using nothing but ‘natural reason’. The second intention is to delve a little into the psychology of belief and disbelief in a Supreme Being/First Cause/Absolute/Ground of Being, and argue for ‘mere theism’ as a rational, mind-expanding, exciting adventure into the infinite timeless intelligible realm that this spacetime world floats in, is ordered by and evolves into – and a foundation for a rational, humane civilization. I say a little about religion in relation to this, and wrestle a little with the question of how to proceed when you (like me) really don’t want to just rush into the nearest church, mosque or temple. I touch on the inevitable ‘Argument from Evil’, which is the big objection to belief in God, or at any rate a ‘good’ God. Is it a fatal objection? Do not answer that question until you have read this book!

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