Printed copies of Mere Theism

Well it feels good to dust off my binding gear to make little books of the draft for my siblings… no print on cover but I did an embossed tree imprint for now…

Photo has black spots… issue with my camera eye! ‘If your eye be clear…’

When draft updated and good enough to go out. ..hopefully! … I will upload with cover art on Createspace which is amazon’s print on demand service…worldwide! What cover image…? Hm…


Published by Wizard of Eutopia

I am a 'eutopian' visionary philosopher who has temporarily abandoned his search for the precise meaning of 'Life, the Universe and Everything' and its ideal formulation, to spend the last 12 years writing a sprawling epic fantasy pentalogy called The Apples of Aeden; also building the domed ferrocement carved 'Dreamspace' of Cafe Eutopia, Kaiwaka, New Zealand; and writing Fantastic Ferrocement, A Passport to Eutopia, Passport to Creativity, The Nautilus Project and Icon of Ainenia; and building a carved 'Tree of Life' idea-creation game called Eutopia: the Game.

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  1. The embossed cover looks fantastic! Is it an aqua colour – or is that just my screen? Or maybe the camera?


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